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Resources for Parents

Parent Resources

We know that every family is busy! The activities and suggestions here are simple and straightforward. Any work you do at home with your child will help them in their learning. Your child's education is a partnership. Let's work together.


These parent support kits are designed to help parents understand what children learn in each grade. At school, teaching is adjusted for the needs of each student. 

The parent support kits use parent-friendly language to explain the skills that children work to achieve by the end of each grade. We hope it empowers parents to help their children and to participate in their child's education. 


The following resources are full of practical ideas that you could use at home to help your child with their literacy skills.

Remember the most important thing to remember is that reading, speaking, and listening should be seen as an enjoyable experience. Writing should be meaningful and purposeful.

Ms. Dina Danias has put together a collection of multimodal resources and articles to assist parents in finding appropriate quality literature.