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How you can help

Help comes in many forms within our parents and citizens' association (P&C). We all lead busy lives nowadays so whatever way you participate is greatly appreciated and understood.

Below is a list of topic areas and ways you can participate with the P&C. Take the time to choose which option best suits you or even recommend other ways you might be able to help. All help is welcome!

Types of involvement 

Active member

If you would like to get involved or maybe take on a role and have some time available, please email

Financial member

If you would like to contribute financially (or with resources easily within your reach), click fundraising to find out how to make a contribution.


If would like to get involved in some of the decisions that affect our school and students, attend the next P&C meeting—P&C meetings & minutes.


If you are interested in a particular area of the school and would be able to assist in that capacity, have a look at our P&C sub-committees and what they provide for the school.