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Beyond the executive, the Artarmon parents and citizens' association (P&C) has a number of sub-committees and working groups made up of interested parent volunteers. Each subcommittee has its own charter and reports monthly on its activities at P&C meetings.

Assistance is always welcome and there is a wide range of sub-committees that you can choose to become involved with. Joining and starting a subcommittee is a good way to meet like-minded people and to contribute to the school and its community.

Committees either provide a coordination and management role for services delivered by the P&C or they provide an advocacy and communication role between the school, parents, and community on areas of parent and student interest. Committees that coordinate school and parent services are discussed below.

Band committee

The band objectives are that children enjoy making music and we provide the program for children to develop their playing skills. In doing so, research has shown that learning to read and play music contributes to children's educational development. For more information, please see our band committee information sheet (PDF 182KB) and band committee roles (PDF 435KB).

Canteen committee

The canteen committee is responsible for ensuring the Artarmon canteen operates in an efficient, business-like manner. There are both paid staff and volunteers who work in the canteen. For more information, please see our Canteen information sheet (PDF 842KB)

Gardening committee

The gardening committee aims to work in conjunction with the school's executive, staff, and principal to establish and maintain healthy, sustainable garden beds and surrounds for the education and enjoyment of the whole school community. For more information, please see our gardening committee information sheet (PDF 228KB).

Multicultural committee

The key objective of the multicultural committee (MCC) at Artarmon Public School is to encourage participation and connection of all families within the school community. The MCC is run by a core group of representatives from various language, religious and cultural groupings at our school. They consist of parents and/or carers of children attending Artarmon Public School. Each representative ensures communication to an informal network of parent volunteers who meet and support each other. For more information, please see our multicultural committee information sheet (PDF 247KB).

Social and fundraising committee

The Artarmon P&C social and fundraising sub-committee organise events and activities which address the twin objectives of having fun together and raising money for our school. For more information, please see our social and fundraising committee information sheet (PDF 157KB).


The strings program plays an important part in the musical life of Artarmon Public School and is coordinated by the strings committee, which is made up of parent volunteers. These parents give their time generously to coordinate instrument hire, finances, tutors, concerts, and special events. For more information, please see our strings committee information sheet (PDF 158KB) and strings committee roles (PDF 132KB).


The sustainability committee's primary aim is to help our kids learn more about the environment and sustainability by creating fun activities for them to be involved in. We're also keen to improve the environmental performance of the school where possible. For more information, please see our sustainability committee information sheet (PDF 204KB).


The focus of the traffic committee is all forms of transport to and from school. Parents can make use of the extensive materials from Roads & Maritime Services setting out the road rules and penalties that apply around schools. Periodic requests to the Willoughby City Council Compliance Unit always result in an increase in road rule enforcement activity. For more information, please see our traffic committee information sheet (PDF 122KB).

Uniform shop

Artarmon Public School has a proud tradition of presenting their school students in a clean, tidy, and respectful manner. For more information, please see our uniform shop committee information sheet (PDF 124KB).

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